There's a Custom #PlayStation5 Twitter Hashtag Ahead of PS5 Stream

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Look, we get it, Twitter hashtags are all the rage no matter how much you hate them populating a single tweet. But perhaps the best hashtags are those with a custom emoji tied to them? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening on Twitter as the PS5 stream draws nearer.

Those jumping onto Twitter, as of now, should be able to use the hashtag #PlayStation5 and also #PS5. This hashtag will then display the fancy new controller that Sony dubbed as the DualSense controller, which also encouraged us to set up our new brand to…you guessed it, DualSensers. Yes, it just redirects you to our main website.

The DualSense was officially revealed earlier this year although not much is known about it other than it being white and has a headphone jack. In saying that, the PS5 event marketing image to hype the upcoming stream seems to show a black version of the DualSense controller, however, people have argued that it’s just the dark shadows giving it that impression. Considering the hashtag also shows a white controller I imagine the existence of a black controller is still questionable.

Enough about the controller, the hashtags are being used in preparation for the stream that’s due to take place tomorrow after being delayed last week due to more important matters taking precedence and to “allow more important voices to be heard.”. The stream is said to be giving fans a look at some games that should be making their way to the next-generation console.

What games are you expecting to see revealed during the PS5 reveal? Give me Jak and Daxter. Please.

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