PS5 Event Reportedly Taking Place in Early June, Will Feature First-Party Games

The PS5 reveal event we've heard so many rumors about might finally have a window in which it will occur, and it's closer than you may estimate.

May 18, 2020

Even though we’ve now gotten an idea of what PS5 games might look like in the future thanks to Epic’s recent Unreal Engine 5 unveiling, Sony itself has remained quiet when it comes to talking about its upcoming platform. While rumors have been circling for weeks now as to when Sony might announce an event of some sort to talk about the PS5 more in-depth, a new story has come about that seems to indicate when we’ll learn more.

In a new report from Venture Beat, it is stated that Sony is aiming to have a PS5 event of some sort in early June. Specifically, the report states that Sony was at one point targeting the date of June 4 to hold the event, but that could have now shifted. Even if the date has now changed, however, this early timeframe within the month is still what is being aimed for.

As for what is set to be shown at the prospective PS5 event, Venture Beat goes on to say next-gen games will be shown off during this time. Furthermore, what is set to be revealed won’t just be first-party titles from Sony itself, but also third-party games, too. As for a proper console reveal of the PS5 itself, it’s unknown whether or not the actual box would be shown during this event.

The report goes on to also state that Sony is still working to put together other events throughout the summer, as well. One of those is set to be a new State of Play presentation which is planned to occur in August. It is here that we’ll reportedly see more looks at both current and next-generation titles that are in the pipeline.

As for the games we could see in these ensuing PS5 events? Well, while not mentioned in the report, sequels to Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man could each be likely on the first-party front. The former title is already reportedly set to become a full-blown trilogy, while the latter has previously been rumored to arrive in 2021. On the third-party front, new looks at titles like Godfall and this year’s edition of Call of Duty seem possible to show up, too.

It’s worth pointing out that this report could prove to be untrue, but Venture Beat’s track record as of late has been pretty solid. Still, with how quickly things in the world are shifting nowadays, Sony’s plans could swiftly be altered making most of what has been outlined here moot. As for now, though, this report is the most we’ve potentially heard about a future PS5 showcase in quite some time.

If a June PS5 event is indeed in the cards, you’d imagine we’ll start hearing about this pretty soon from the house of PlayStation themselves. Whenever that does end up transpiring, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Until then, all we know for certain about the PS5 is that it’s still slated to release later in 2020 during the holiday season.

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