PS5 Gets a Very Cool PS2 Design in This Fan-Made Mockup

PS5 Gets a Very Cool PS2 Design in This Fan-Made Mockup

Check out this stunning PS5 mockup that incorporates the aesthetics of the classic PS2.

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on a PS5 console yet, don’t worry as many eager gamers haven’t yet either. The brand-new, next-gen system has been in incredible demand since it launched in the US on November 12, 2020 and, of course, the greedy scalper groups haven’t made life easy one bit by gathering up to 60,000 PS5 units and selling them on eBay. But if you did happen to pick one up and thought it could do with a little face-lift, check out this fan-made redesign of the PS5 which has been crafted to resemble the classic PS2.

Over on Reddit, where all the good ideas happen, user whattheefth has posted a fantastic self-made render showing off how they resigned the PS5 into a stunning Sony PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, I still haven’t got my mitts on a PS5 but I’d happily wait for as long as needed if Sony could implement this design. Even though the PS5 looks sleek if not rather bulky, this simple and ageless concept would, in my opinion, take the PS5 to better visual heights. The creator has even carried over the PS2 design to the DualSense controller, giving it that distinct, two-tone aesthetic of the PS2 and replacing the DualSense’s clear buttons with the classic red ones being reintroduced.


You’ll, of course, notice that whattheefth has created this PS5 mockup with the PS2’s 30th anniversary in mind so if Sony were to introduce this time-honored design to the PS5 in 2030, we would be waiting for nine years and by then, the PS5 will almost be a classic in its own right. In saying that, hopefully, we won’t have to wait that long for Sony to introduce some cool and interesting faceplates for the PS5. Over on the PlayStation blog last month, we did get to read that the DualSense controllers would be made in different colors at some stage but currently, there’s been no word on whether that’ll roll over to the actual PS5 console as well – we shall wait and see.


Until that time happens, keeping my fingers crossed it will, take a little look at these PS5 DualSense mockup controllers consisting of a burgundy and white God of War art concept with its trademark Greek Omega symbol planted in the middle – followed by a lush green and jet black The Last of Us controller complete with the Fireflies symbol, then the unmistakable red and blue colors of Marvel’s Spider-Man controller with a white spider on the touchpad and last but not least, a beautiful grey and blue Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 controller with a tallneck coated on the left.

Although official figures have not been shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PS5 had recorded the company’s biggest console launch sales in history, with the PS4 selling 2 million globally and holding the record until official figures are revealed. The company has also said that it expects to sell over 7.6 million PS5 units by the end of its fiscal year.