PS5 Hashtags Turn Twitter Likes Into a DualSense Controller Today

PS5 Hashtags Turn Twitter Likes Into a DualSense Controller Today


The PS5 launch is finally here, and hopefully, everyone’s orders go through okay today, of course, there’s a lot of concerns due to retailers not updating pre-orders and tracking information. And GameStop is also reported to have very limited bundles available tonight, but with demand incredibly high and supply incredibly low, it’s almost a race. But over on Twitter, PlayStation has “taken over” the social media platform.

With social media due to be exploding throughout the day as people receive their next-generation PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment has made the online world somewhat interesting, encouraging others to like other user’s tweets. Providing the user tweeting has included an official PS5 hashtag, those liking that tweet will no longer see the default like emoji displayed when clicking like, instead a DualSense emoji will appear.

What’s more, it doesn’t just appear, but it transitions in with the fancy blue outlines that signify the controller’s focus on immersion. Immersion has been something PlayStation has been heavily marketing, with the controllers haptic feedback, the adaptive triggers, and I suppose the ability to blow into the controller’s microphone in Astro’s Playroom.

While it’s mostly PS5 games that will benefit from the immersive features, we have learned that PS4’s God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 will benefit from the features as they join the line up for backward compatible titles.

While we don’t have a review on the console ahead of launch, other outlets have been describing the console as a “substantial leap forward”. The PS5 also has a large line-up of launch titles, which begs the questions, what are you expecting to play today when you receive your shiny, and big new console? Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales? Godfall? P.T.? Oh, wait.