PS5 Launch Date, Price Rumors Denied by Sony via Famitsu

Contacted by Famitsu, Sony denied the ongoing rumors that PS5 is launching on December 4, 2020, with outrageous pricing.

December 16, 2019

On December 16, a certain Japanese blog named Gamers Gate reported false information regarding the launch price and the release date of Sony’s PlayStation 5. These rumors claimed the PS5 is supposed to launch on December 4, 2020, with a standard version priced at around $600 and a PS4 Pro-like version priced at around $1000. Seeing this false information was spreading on the net, in order to warn its readers, Famitsu published an article on the situation.

The article from Famitsu mentions the PS5 prices and release date published by Gamers Gate are false. Famitsu most notably contacted Sony, who confirmed the information is all false.


I’ve personally checked that Gamers Gate blog as well, and it’s full of other similar fakes. One of their leaks claims that a visual for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes leaked from Amazon Spain in October 2019. However, if you search the image’s source with google image, you’ll be quick to notice it dates from as far as 2017. Similarly easy to notice fakes populate the blog’s articles. Similar PS5 rumors about its price and release date will definitely keep appearing until Sony officially tells us more about it, so we should all stay vigilant.

PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch in holidays 2020. The console’s design, its pricing and the actual launch day weren’t announced by Sony yet. We saw, however, what is supposedly a PS5 dev kit. Certain games were already announced for PS5, such as Gearbox’ Godfall. It’s also possible that Acquire’s new game Gladiux will launch on PS5 alongside PC. Back in October, Sony also reported via Famitsu that the backward compatibility feature on PS5 isn’t quite ready yet.

Iyane Agossah

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