PS5 Launch Team Sent Custom Jackets to Celebrate Console’s Release

PS5 Launch Team Sent Custom Jackets to Celebrate Console’s Release

The special jackets come emblazoned with the PlayStation 25th Anniversary logo.

It’s now been around a month and a half since Sony’s next-gen console released. Although the consoles have been incredibly hard to come by, the PS5 still had an extremely successful launch. To celebrate just how successful the launch was, it looks as though Sony has sent out special commemorative jackets to its employees.

The coats, which seem to have arrived just in time for the winter period, are emblazoned with wording that identifies the employees as part of the “PS5 Launch Team” and a PlayStation 25th Anniversary patch on the sleeve.

Unfortunately, those looking to cop one of the special jackets for themselves are out of luck. Responding to a variety of tweets, one of the first to post a picture of their jackets, Jan (Gabby) Llanillo, stated that they were “an employee exclusive gift”. Gabby is a senior member of Naughty Dog’s QA team, so while it’s not clear who’s entitled to the jackets, it does look like they have gone out to the wider PlayStation family.

While PlayStation fans may not be able to get their own commemorative jacket, Sony has at least given players a selection of great free games as part of January’s PS Plus promotion. The lineup consists of three very solid titles. They are, the PS5 version of ShaRkPG Maneater, the third title in the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and action-RPG Greedfall, all of which will be available for download from January 5.