PS5 Logo Revealed at CES 2020, It Is Truly Shocking

It's actually not shocking in the slightest. The PS5 logo is exactly what you thought it would look like. Still, it's pretty rad!

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Sony took the stage to discuss its latest technological endeavors. With the PlayStation being one of Sony’s biggest moneymakers, surely, there would be some hot gaming news. Well, believe it or not, the PS5 logo was officially revealed, and you won’t believe what it looks like!

Just kidding! It’s exactly what you expected. Similar to the PS3 and PS4 logos before it, the PS5 logo sports the font you’ve become accustomed to from Sony’s console brand. While it may not be a surprise, it is a small indicator that we are nearing the next generation of consoles, which is very exciting.

During Sony’s CES 2020 conference, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan gave a brief reminder of some of PS5’s key features. This includes 3D audio sound, brand new controller with haptics and adaptive triggers, ultra-high speed SSD, hardware-based ray tracing, and ultra HD blu-ray. As Ryan stated, these features will allow the PS5 to differentiate itself from its previous iteration, as well as the competition.

“With more people in the world playing more games on more devices than ever before, it’s truly an exciting time for the gaming industry,” says Ryan. “Come this holiday, Sony will, once again, have the opportunity to shine a light on the world of PlayStation with our next-generation console.”

The PS5 is set to launch sometime during holiday 2020. A specific date has yet to be revealed, but I’m sure we’ll find that out in the coming months. Back in February 2013, Sony revealed the PS4, specifics on the hardware, games being developed, and its price. Whether Sony will do something similar for the PS5 is still unknown, but it is certainly a possibility.

The PS5 isn’t the only console releasing during holiday 2020. The Xbox Series X will also launch during that window. However, unlike the PS5, we have actually seen what Microsoft’s next console will actually look like.

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