PS5 Boot Screen Concept Perfectly Balances Nostalgia and Next Gen

PlayStation should take note — this concept PS5 boot screen is the perfect marriage of nostalgia and next gen, with PS1 influence.

Rumor has it that the official PS5 reveal is imminent, and the PlayStation fanbase is hyped. With the next gen consoles around the corner, plenty of community content creators are flexing their skills in making mockup concept designs into what both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will look like. With this in mind, Sony should take note: we may already have the perfect PS5 boot screen to marry classic console nostalgia with a next gen vibe.

While ‘boot menus’ seem like a fairly mundane talking point when compared to the system’s starting lineup of software or hardware design, it is on the mind of many gamers. In recent years, boot menus have become a signature for the consoles, whether we are talking how nostalgic the PS2 was or how overly-memed the GameCube boot menu is. For a quick history of all boot screens, check out the video below:

The concept art comes straight from the dedicated PS5 community over at Reddit, where plenty of other creators have taken a swing at the proposed boot screen. And while the new video from YouTube channel Paulo Manso Animation adapts things we’ve seen from previous designs, the concept art is some flawless execution. You can check the boot screen concept below, and make sure you have your sound on:

As you likely notice, this is a stylistic merge of the iconic PS1 boot screen with a new take on what the next gen should feel like. The splash screen starts focuses on a remastered version of the classic tri-color PlayStation logo, complete with shifting gradients. Following the nostalgic chime music, the logo seamlessly transitions into a proposed PS5 start screen with a dynamic blue background.

PS5 (along with its competitor, the Xbox Series X) is all but dominating the news lately. With a rumored PS5 reveal in February, many executives within Sony have been teasing that surprise features will be revealed. What exactly those features are is anyone’s guess. We are just happy to know that the PS5 will be getting exclusive games in their launch line up.

In any case, the PS5 is set to release around Holiday 2020. As more information develops about the next gen console, we will keep you loop.

Correction: The video was improperly credited to a Redditor; it was instead made by the same amazing concept artist who did the last boot screen. The correct information has been placed above.

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