A PS5 Killer Unannounced Feature May Have Been Revealed in PlayStation Patent

Sony recently filed a patent that would potentially allow players to create and share their own demos and tutorials on PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a patent that might have leaked an unannounced feature coming to the PS5. While the patent doesn’t specifically mention the PS5, it does hint that the console will feature a save state share by way of the PlayStation Network. Though it isn’t confirmed, the feature would be a novel addition for the console space, giving some heavy-hitting power against Xbox Series X.

Noticed first by our friends at Comicbook, this patent (which you can see here) is for a video game sharing method and system that would give players the ability to share their game save states with other players. These playable game segments could then be shared on PSN. This, in theory, would allow players the ability to create their own playable demos and tutorials.

On one hand, it’s not uncommon for a company like Sony to file these patents and never follow up or utilize them, but it would be an ideal feature for the Create button on the new DualSense controller. It has also been a feature that was rumored to be part of the PS5 infrastructure long before they filed the patent. It’s possible this feature may never see the light of day, but it would be a first for consoles to offer this type of sharing amongst players.

The PS5 is launching later this year during the holiday season. It will be available in two models, one that will include a disc drive for those of you that still prefer to buy their games in a physical form and an all-digital version that removes the disc drive. Sony has yet to announce the price of either model and when pre-orders begin — much like the Xbox Series X.

Stay tuned to Dualshockers for breaking news about the PS5, including added features and pre-order information.

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