Job Listing Wrongly Mentions PS5 as Launching in October 2020

A Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc job listing description mentioned PS5 will launch on October 2020. Turned out it was typo.

Japanese jobs site Rikunabi listed a material buyer job opening for Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. The job’s description mentioned how PlayStation 5 supposedly launches on October 2020. However, that turned out to be a typo from Rikunabi’s part. Sony PR announced after being contacted by Famitsu. Thanks to Japanese blog Game’s Talk for pointing it out.

The job description mentioned it focuses on PlayStation 5’s production for an October 2020 release. The job is basically about finding the best business partners in japan and overseas for hardware production, following and coordinating said production,  reducing development costs for mass production and verification and improving the process of it all.

As a reminder, Sony hasn’t made an official announcement regarding PS5’s release time frame besides “holidays 2020”.

We currently don’t know much about PS5. Sony hasn’t revealed the look of the console itself yet. Only the specs were revealed by Mark Cerny. Shuhei Yoshida and Jim Ryan also talked about how developers are telling them making games for PS5 is easier than the norm. PS5 is also supposed to be backward compatible to a certain extent.

In comparison, we already know a lot more about Xbox Series X. The Smart Delivery thing, in particular is pretty nice. Players who buy a cross gen game on Xbox One X will be able to get the Xbox Series X version for free. It’s like if you bought a game and then you actually owned it. Revolutionary, I know. EA also promised that they’ll basically do the same thing for their cross-gen games on PS4 and PS5.

Personally speaking, I highly doubt I’d be getting either an PS5 or an Xbox Series X in holiday 2020. Assuming I was rolling in money, I probably wouldn’t either. It’s not like the Japanese studios no one cares about who release the niche games I play will be making PS5 games day one either.

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