PS5 Outer Shell Images Seem to Emerge, Potentially Could be Removable

PS5 new leaked images suggest that the outer shell of the console might be able to be swapped out.

Are you one of those people who isn’t a fan of the PS5’s admittedly gaudy design? Do you wish that you could just rip off the console’s odd-looking white outer layer and throw it into a dumpster? Well, it looks as though that might actually be an option.

Shared recently on ResetEra, it looks as though some new images of the outside part of the PS5 have now leaked. While some simple pics of the outside portion of the next-gen console aren’t that enticing on their own, the screenshots do seem to suggest that the white outer shell will be able to be removed entirely. When examining the underside of this part of the PS5, you can clearly see that it has a variety of pegs that seemingly slot in and out of the inner black portion of the console.

The PS4 itself also has a removable top portion of the console, so it’s not too surprising at a baseline level that the PS5 would follow suit. That said, the notion of removable plates does bring about some intrigue, specifically because it might mean that secondary plates would be sold separately to further customize your console.

The only problem with the notion that this outer shell of the PS5 could be removable comes specifically in regards to the version of the console that has a disc drive. It stands to reason that the bottom part of the console’s shell might not be able to be taken off due to how it connects to the disc slot specifically. However, some of the additional images that have been leaked seem to suggest that even this bottom half of the standard iteration of the platform could be taken off, too.

It’s worth noting that nothing laid out here is confirmed just yet, so don’t get your hopes up too much. It’s not even confirmed if these leaked images are even real just yet. Still, if removable shells for the PS5 were a thing, much like the Xbox 360 faceplates used to be, it would be a nice way to make the console line up with your own aesthetic tastes.

The PS5 is slated to launch later this holiday season at a yet to be determined date or price. While pre-orders still haven’t gone live, Sony has said it will make prospective purchasers very much aware when they are planned to go up.

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