PS5 is Expected to Outperform Xbox Series X According to DFC Intelligence

According to DFC Intelligence, the PS5 will go on to significatnly outperform the Xbox Series X in terms of sales in the years to come.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are set to launch sometime this holiday season and it looks like the two consoles are taking different approaches on release. With that said, according to the games industry research firm DFC Intelligence, the PS5 will go on to outsell the Xbox Series X by about two-to-one.

The report forecasts data up until 2024 and states that the new PlayStation console will likely be the third console from Sony to go one to sell more than 100 million units.

DFC Intelligence states that consumer brand preference blows just too strong in PlayStations direction and as much as Xbox tries, there is not much they can do to change the perception.

The briefing also stated that Sony is a global powerhouse whereas Microsoft tends to only be strong in English speaking Markets and has almost no presence in Japan and most of Europe.

Although, even though the forecasts don’t look great for Xbox in a head to head battle between the two consoles, it does state that Microsoft might have a better strategy for the long-term. Now that Xbox Game Pass isn’t restricted to just an Xbox console, they have opened the market up to everyone who owns a PC and a mobile device (excluding iOS devices for now).

It is almost a given that the latest PlayStation console will outsell the latest Xbox console. In fact, it has outsold its counterpart every single generation. Even when Sony launched the PS3 for an outrageous $600 with an architecture nobody wanted to develop for, it still went on to eventually outsell the Xbox 360. Microsoft has to know this by now and I think that is why they have really changed up its strategy with the Series X. While it might not sell as many consoles as the PS5, it looks like that might not matter to them as much as it once did. As long as they are selling Game Pass subscriptions and other software, I think Microsoft will be happy.


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