PS5 Owner Forced to Sell Console After Lying to His Wife That It Was an Air Purifier

PS5 Owner Forced to Sell Console After Lying to His Wife That It Was an Air Purifier

PS5 owner sells his console after being rumbled by his wife in the most ridiculous lie.

Getting your hands on a PS5 at the moment is a stressful business, we get it. Between stores being sold out in a matter of minutes and scalpers gobbling up more than 3,500 of the hard to find systems leaving genuine consumers at a loss is a bitter pill to swallow. But imagine finally getting your hands on one and then having to sell it because you initially told your partner that it was an air purifier instead of a game console? That’s exactly what happened to a man in Taiwan after his wife discovered that her husband was telling her porkies and that, in fact, the new air purifier purchase wasn’t doing what it should have been doing.

PS5 hunter Jin Wu (吳建均) who shared his story on Facebook was browsing social media in the hopes of picking up a secondhand console, and to his delight, he found one that came with a remarkably scaled-down price tag. Before arranging to go and pick up his PS5, Jin excitedly called the seller to set up a time to stop by and collect the console. To his surprise, the woman selling the sought-after system didn’t seem to have much of an idea of what it was really worth or even an interest in video games. Being rather chuffed with himself that he landed himself in this situation, Wu meet up with the seller to exchange the goods.

Wu was then met by the woman’s husband who wasn’t one bit happy that he was having to hand over the console at all. When he asked him if he was getting rid of it because he’d accidentally ordered two, the man explained that he didn’t want to sell the PS5 at all and the only reason he was is that he was being forced to sell the console after his wife discovered it was not an air purifier like he told her it was. The heartbroken man initially told his wife that he purchased an air purifier for the house hoping that his wife would swallow the story but unfortunately for him, she wasn’t as stupid as he thought.

PS5 Owner Forced to sell console

The Facebook post from Wu continued “I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain. Seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier.” I’m not too sure how the guy was actually going to get around playing his PS5 without his wife noticing. Wait until she went to bed every night in the hopes she doesn’t wake up? I’m pretty sure some explaining would have to be done when his wife saw the “air purifier” plugged into the TV and is able to run the likes of Demon’s Souls or Astro’s Playroom.

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