PS5 Owner Is Shocked After Seeing 2-Year-Old’s “Artwork” on Console

By Natalie Schmidt

October 12, 2021

One PS5 owner ends up with a surprise “limited edition” console after their 2-year-old daughter unexpectedly uses it as a canvas for her artwork.

Sony’s PS5 remains as popular as ever, even after a near full year since its initial launch. Unfortunately, October hasn’t seen many restocks, and PlayStation fans continue to comb stores to get their own copy of the system.

Although Sony has yet to release any sort of limited edition or pro version of the console (aside from Caviar’s ultra-rare solid gold PS5), one Redditor ended up with a particularly special PS5. Their daughter, a 2-year-old, was artistically inspired by the system’s white plates and had taken to using them as a canvas.

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer


Using the typical tools of her trade, the Redditor’s daughter took to covering the PS5 with crayon scribbles – and, strangely enough, honey mustard.

The Redditor’s daughter’s colorful PS5 artwork

With the console at the child’s eye level, it’s no real surprise that she would try to reach it. After all, kids are notorious for drawing on any kind of surface, from paper to tables to walls and now, to gaming consoles.

Left with a purple-yellow design and a honey mustard signature, the Redditor’s PS5 is certainly unique. His daughter even named her masterpiece “Big Nasty,” a somewhat appropriate name given her funny choice of artistic materials.

To top it all off, Redditor LiveForTheDrip had only recently finally managed to buy the console. As part of the large group of Sony fans who still struggled to find the PS5 in store, I can only imagine LiveForTheDrip’s shock upon seeing their PS5 “customized.” Despite the initial shock though, the Redditor appreciated the uniqueness of their “limited edition” console.

All in all, it’s a sweet story to tell when their child grows older. Fortunately, another Redditor had suggested just popping off the PS5’s plates, utilizing the console’s unique design so that the PS5 can go back to being brand new. Additionally, LiveForTheDrip discovered that the plates could be custom framed, preserving his daughter’s art for years to come.

Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to continue waiting to get our own PS5s. In the meantime, check out our review of Far Cry 6 or our predictions on Genshin Impact news.

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