Gamestop Will Have a New Batch of PS5 Pre-orders Tomorrow

Gamestop Will Have a New Batch of PS5 Pre-orders Tomorrow

Players looking to get a PS5 pre-order in will have another chance when Gamestop opens theirs back up both online and in stores on September 25.

Look, I don’t have to tell you that trying to pre-order a PS5 or Xbox Series X has been a bit of a nightmare. Regardless of how the two console manufacturers handled the initial pre-order rollout, the internet melted down, leading to tons of frustrated players. Fortunately, if you missed out on the first run of PS5 pre-orders, you’re about to have another chance to grab one tomorrow via Gamestop. Good luck. You’re probably going to need it.

It’s not immediately clear if Gamestop is the only retailer putting out a new batch of PS5 pre-orders tomorrow. Sony did announce last week that they’re releasing more units to retailers. So, over the course of today, we might hear about other stores like Wal-Mart and Target opening their allotment up as well. That said, for now, it looks like Gamestop is your best bet if you’re hoping to get a PS5 this weekend.

It’ll be interesting to see how retailers handle this second wave of pre-orders. Both next-gen consoles had terrible initial pre-order runs. You’d hope to see stores find a way to smooth out the process. Personally, I got my PS5 pre-order directly from Sony through their “exclusive offer” program. For that one, you were entered in a queue and it seemed to work relatively well from my perspective.

Only time will tell if Gamestop has any plans to make this a more customer-friendly process. Their initial tweet didn’t mention anything, so, at this point, I would expect another round of madness. Make sure to keep your eyes on Twitter. If any other stores open their pre-orders, that will likely be the first place you can find out about it. Good luck out there!