PS5 Price and Pre-Order Availability Rumored to be Announced Tomorrow

PS5 price and pre-order rumors are swirling once again, with a new lead coming about from a retail storefront in the UK.

By Logan Moore

September 8, 2020

Let me preface this up front: don’t get too excited just yet. Are your reservations in check? Okay, cool.

According to GAME, a retail storefront located in the UK, Sony is set to have a new announcement of some sort ready to go tomorrow which could be related to pre-orders for the PS5. In a tweet that has since been deleted, GAME stated that PlayStation has “scheduled an announcement” for tomorrow on September 9. Considering this is a retailer talking about Sony having some sort of revelation related to PS5, you would imagine that whatever this potential reveal (if it’s real) would then be tied to the price of the console, in addition to potential pre-order options.

You can see an image of the tweet in question that was captured by @PS5Only right here:

Obviously, though, there’s a lot of different scenarios at play here. For starters, GAME could very well have tweeted out a false statement which is why the message was wiped shortly after going up. That said, they could have also deleted the tweet because the information was correct and they were not supposed to share it ahead of time.

There’s also the fact that tomorrow does contain a sort of significance for Sony, especially for those in North America. September 9 actually marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the PS1 for those in the region. As such, it would make sense on paper for Sony to perhaps do something to celebrate the occasion. What better way is there to celebrate the past than by also looking to the future? This idea is understandable in my head, at least, even though Sony has already said it’s focusing on all things PSVR this week.

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It’s also worth mentioning that in recent weeks, Sony has been getting its ducks in a row when it comes to pre-orders for the PS5. Not too long ago, a registration page for the next-gen console went up on the PlayStation website. Those who registered via this avenue were then said to have first dibs on pre-orders whenever Sony decides to move forward with them.

In the grand scheme of things, you should surely take this tweet from GAME with a massive grain of salt. Then again, considering that the PS5 will be out at some point in the next two or three months, Sony has to begin making announcements regarding price, release date, and pre-orders at some point soon. At least, that’s what any reasonable person would think, right?

In other next-gen news, the Xbox Series S was formally revealed by Microsoft today and it’s only going to cost $299. Neat.

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