PS5 Price "Is Difficult to Discuss" Says Sony EVP and CFO

While there is a release window and a few games announced, Sony EVP and CFO Hiroki Totoki says there is nothing concrete to say on the PS5 price.

February 4, 2020

During Sony’s Q3 earnings call this week (February 4, 2020), Sony EVP and CFO Hiroki Totoki discussed how the company is looking to have a smooth transition from the current console generation into its next-gen console. However, they had nothing concrete to say about the PS5 price.

As reported by VGC, someone asked what factors will aid Sony with this smooth transition. Additionally, they asked what factors are not yet clear or visible at this moment.

“First, we must absolutely control the labor cost, the personnel cost, it must be controlled,” says Totoki about the factors they must control for this transition. “And the initial ramp-up, how much can we prepare initially, we will work on the production, and the sales and we will have to prepare the right volume as we launch this.”


“What is not very clear or visible is because we are competing in the space, so it’s very difficult to discuss anything about price at this point of time,” says Titoki. “And depending upon the price level, we may have to determine the promotion that we are going to deploy and how much costs we are prepared to pay.”

As of now, it looks like Sony doesn’t have anything set in stone in terms of the PS5 price. However, it does seem like the company does have a plan and are waiting for certain variables to show themselves so they can take the most optimal approach with its console launch. Totoki discusses this as well, referring to its plans for the PS5 as a “balancing act.”

“So it’s a question of balance, and because it’s a balancing act, it’s very difficult to say anything concrete at this point,” says Totoki. “But when I said a smooth transition, we mean that we will definitely choose the optimal approach and that we will try to have the best balance so that we will be profitable in the life, during the life of this product.”

The PS5 is slated to launch Holiday 2020. However, that isn’t the only new console coming this year. The Xbox Series X is also slated for a Holiday 2020 release.

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