PS5 Release Date Shouldn’t be Affected by Coronavirus, Says Sony

PS5 Release Date Shouldn’t be Affected by Coronavirus, Says Sony

Even though plans and events are constantly changing now due to COVID-19, Sony has said it doesn't expect the launch of the PS5 to be impacted.

As the coronavirus pandemic has continued to get worse and worse over the past few weeks and months, many (myself included) have started to wonder if the slow it has caused in workplaces worldwide would end up affecting this year’s most notable video game event: the release of the next-gen platforms in the PS5 and Xbox Series X. In the case of Sony specifically and the release of the PS5, this ongoing virus isn’t said to be something that the console manufacturer expects to impact the launch of the platform later on in 2020.

Seen in a new report from Bloomberg, a representative from Sony went officially on the record and said that it doesn’t expect the coronavirus epidemic will have an impact on the launch plans for the system later this year. This is definitely a sigh of relief for many PlayStation fans who may have been worried that the console’s arrival could somehow have been affected by this virus.

That said, it’s not a surprise whatsoever that Sony would say this is as of right now. For now, the Japanese-based company is going to try its best to stay the course with its plans for 2020, even if behind the scenes, different conversations are being held by management. If expectations of releasing the PS5 this year somehow did change, Sony surely wouldn’t announce such a thing until months from now.

In the interim, though, Sony has admitted that COVD-19 will likely impact its previously-expected increase in profits and might also delay an earnings report that was set to release in April. Just a few months back, Sony raised its financial forecast through the end of this current fiscal year. Now, it seems somewhat likely that those new forecasts will not be met as a result of everything that has transpired in recent weeks. This isn’t too surprising whatsoever and many other tech companies around the globe are surely in similar situations.

The PS5 is set to release later this year in the Holiday 2020 window at a still undetermined date and price. We should hopefully start to hear more of these details in the coming months, so stay tuned.