PS5 Showcase Event Announced, Coming Wednesday September 16

Sony will hold a new PS5 event next Wednesday, September 16, that should finally officially reveal the next-gen console's release date and price.

By Iyane Agossah

September 12, 2020

Sony announced a new PS5 Showcase event (a release date event?) will be happening on September 16, at 1300 Pacific Time (Click here for a time conversion table). The showcase was announced through Twitter, with a short teaser video not showing games but the PS5 and its DualSense controller:

While PS5 is officially scheduled to release this holiday, and we’re getting closer and closer to that timeframe, Sony has yet to reveal the next gen console’s price and release date. So plenty of rumors and theories have been happening lately, mainly through shop listings or reports. This September 16 event should be the PS5 release date event. I have trouble imagining anything else Sony could reveal at this point.

Personally speaking, I can’t say I’m particularly interested in PS5 for now. All consoles at launch don’t have that many interesting games, and PS5 seems to be hit even worse by that phenomenon seeing Covid-19 and how many games planned for launch are cross-gen with PS4 anyway or were delayed. Maybe that showcase will reveal unannounced PS5 games though, and there’s also Tokyo Game Show 2020 coming on September 23 to 27.

And speaking of Japan, this PS5 showcase’s timing again shows Sony isn’t focusing on the archipel. The event will be at 0500 Japan Standard Time, Thursday morning, meaning only Japanese hardcore players, and gamers with a very early work schedule will follow the event. For years now, the biggest market in Japan (and most of Asia) is mobile games rather than consoles, so Sony is focusing on North America and other regions.

Be sure to check our past coverage for everything you need to know on PS5. Microsoft, following leaks, revealed the prices and release date (November 10) of Xbox Series X and S this week.

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