PS5 Replacements Offered To Amazon Customers Whose Consoles Went Missing At Launch

PS5 Replacements Offered To Amazon Customers Whose Consoles Went Missing At Launch

Customers have until December 5 to reserve a new console.

Getting a PS5 has generally been a tough job, especially if you live in the UK. There were issues with couriers and deliveries, PS5’s being swapped out for coffee machines, foot massagers and cat food, parcels being marked as delivered without ever being dropped off and consoles just being outright taken from the delivery boxes. One of the biggest culprits for these issues was none other than Amazon.

While the e-commerce giant has refunded those customers who were initially affected, they are now offering an alternative solution for those still looking to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen console.

In an email sent out to those customers, Amazon stated that:

“We are pleased to confirm that we will be able to secure a PlayStation 5 for you as a replacement for the order that you didn’t receive.”

The email goes on to say that due to refunds already being processed, customers would need to reauthorise the payment for the console by no later than December 5. In doing so, customers would then receive their new PS5 consoles within 14 days.

Alongside the issues with the deliveries, customers in the UK, and all over the world have faced stiff competition against scalpers to purchase both the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. One group, CrepChiefNotify, reportedly got their hands on over 3,500 PS5 consoles in the first few weeks since the console’s release. It has come to light recently, however, that one online retailer has cancelled over 1000 Xbox Series X orders placed by those looking to turn a quick profit, blaming their orders on a “technical issue”.

Despite being plagued with issues, the PS5 still reportedly had the biggest console launch of all time in the UK. It’s believed the console “far exceeded the UK’s previous record holder”, which was the PS4, with Sony’s last console selling over 250,000 units at launch.