PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer Passes 30 Million Views

The PS5 rockets ahead of the Xbox Series X in terms of views on their announcement video.

By Peter Hunt Szpytek

August 17, 2020

The Playstation 5 hardware reveal trailer that debuted in the PS5 showcase on July 11 turned some heads. Its cinematic use of a giant, amorphous blob of beads that moved to create the four button symbols was something straight out of the ending of Annihilation.

All that creative work seemed to have paid off because, as of this weekend, the PlayStation 5 hardware reveal trailer surpassed 30 million views on Youtube. Despite being up for only two months, the PS5 trailer has been watched over 15 million more times than the hardware reveal trailer for the Xbox Series X — uploaded last December.

Even though that difference in viewership might seem drastic, it does seem to be in line with the number of units sold in the current generation of consoles. The PS4 has sold over 110 million units according to their earnings report from March 2020 and even though Microsoft stopped providing numbers on their console sales, the Xbox One is estimated to have sold roughly 50 million units, according to Forbes.

Only time will tell which console will sell more units, but console sale numbers aren’t everything according to executive vice-president of gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer. In the 2016 Xbox Spring Showcase, he expressed that Microsoft isn’t interested in selling consoles if they’re going to sit in the closet “collecting dust” two years after they’re bought. For Microsoft, it’s more important to focus on “monthly active users,” which seems to still be the case when looking at their strategies for utilizing the Xbox Game Pass.

While there still is no official launch date, both consoles are slated to be hitting the shelves Holiday 2020, despite issues regarding COVID-19 that have hindered development teams for both companies. If you’re looking for more updates on console releases, make sure to check out this article on the leaked release date for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

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