PS5 is Said to Have More Surprises Up its Sleeve According to Jim Ryan

PlayStation 5 will have additional new features, teased by Jim Ryan of Sony.

January 9, 2020

The Japanese publication, Business Insider Japan, recently spoke with Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, pulling back the curtain a bit more on the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Translated by Gematsu, in the interview, Mr. Ryan teased that there was more to the PS5 than a fast SSD and fancy triggers on the controller. He stressed that with new console launches especially, there has to be something special to entice customers to upgrade. Load times of almost nothing, 3D audio, and haptic feedback in the controller are nice, but aren’t special enough, it seems.

What those additional features may be are still nothing but rumors and gossip. My personal hope has to do with backwards compatibility with my PlayStation 1-3 physical library. The quest to find original model PS3’s with the emotion engine chip installed, in good condition, gets harder and harder every year. Rumors and rumblings about this have been swirling around the internet for quite some time now. As much as I hope it proves to be true, physical backwards compatibility seems outside the realm of likelihood for now.


Other topics covered in the interview included addressing the similarities between the PS4 and PS5 logos. The new logo became a meme of sorts after the recent reveal at CES earlier this week.

Another of Sony’s goals with the PS5 is shortening the gap with the console’s various regional release dates. With the PS4 launch, there was a three-month delay between when the system would hit store shelves in the USA and Japan, a situation they aim to alleviate as best as they can this time. On the delay and going forward, Mr. Ryan stated, “There was reasonable ground for that decision, but these days I do not think that was a good idea.”

What “something special” are you hoping for with the PlayStation 5? Has the reduction of load times and 3D audio sold you already? Are you hoping the PS3’s feature of being able to cook steaks makes a return? DualShockers will be sure to keep you up-to-date on any new features or recipes that the PlayStation 5 will offer.


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