Sony PlayStation is Rumored to Announce That It’s Skipping E3 2020 Soon

Sony PlayStation is Rumored to Announce That It’s Skipping E3 2020 Soon

Word on what Sony will be doing at E3 2020 and when they will formally unveil the PS5 is rumored to be arriving shortly.

Mere days after it was reportedly said that Sony currently doesn’t intend to take part in E3 2020, it seems as though we could be finding out more specifically what the PlayStation brand has in store for this summer’s marquee gaming convention quite soon.

As recently shared over on Twitter, Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier commented on the state of E3 and said that he believes, “Sony skipping again would make total sense.” Schreier’s tweet was then also shared by video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who said that he believes we should learn more about PlayStation’s plans for E3 2020 later today. In the past, Ahmad has been in the know about happenings in the industry before they transpire. Clearly, he might be aware of something that Sony plans to share only a few hours from now. This would also make sense as to why Schreier made this comment in the first place, assuming he has the same information as Ahmad.

If this does indeed transpire, this would be the second consecutive year in which PlayStation will play no role at E3. Last year, Sony’s decision to pull out from attending the Los Angeles-based convention was quite baffling at the moment and definitely seemed to impact the event in a big way. While the ESA is said to want Sony to participate in E3 once again, Sony hasn’t given any guarantees just yet on what it intends to do.

In the more immediate future, rumors have begun swirling that Sony will announce a PS5 reveal event for February here quite soon. These rumors don’t have a whole lot to go off of at the moment, but this plan from Sony would line up with how they also revealed the PS4 all the way back in 2013. Perhaps if Sony does make an announcement later today about whether or not it intends to go to E3 2020, it will also make a statement regarding the potential event for the PS5 reveal.

We’ll of course let you know if there are any further developments regarding Sony at E3 2020 if they transpire. In the meantime, you can watch the company’s presentation from CES 2020 down below in which they revealed the logo for the PS5.