Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Daily Bugle Teaser Shows Off Miles Training with Peter

Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Daily Bugle Teaser Shows Off Miles Training with Peter

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has received a new teaser document that helps bridge the gap from the events of the previous game.

Even though we haven’t seen new gameplay from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales recently, Insomniac Games is keeping us more than interested in the lead up to launch day. Following the release of a new screenshot and the announcement of some tie-in books, Insomniac has today fleshed out the potential narrative of Miles Morales in a pretty unique way.

Across its various social media platforms today, Insomniac posted a new “article” snippet that was meant to be written from the perspective of the Daily Bugle’s Robbie Robertson. The faux report details the backstory of Miles and the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, being seen training together across New York City by citizens. Packed with new images as well, the story talks about how this new Spider-Man was “messy” at first, but he has since improved on his web-slinging and wall-crawling. Clearly, what is being described takes place between the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming follow-up Miles Morales.

It’s a really cute piece of promotional material that you can check out right here:

Likely the biggest thing that we can potentially glean from this article though comes in the form of a new screenshot (or brief video) that can be seen on the final slide. The image sees both Miles and Peter swinging through the city, although Miles notably isn’t wearing his black and red tights. Instead, he is donning a suit that looks more similar to Peter’s to go along with shorts and a hoodie. If you have watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you’ll probably find it to be quite familiar.

The biggest question surrounding this image, however, comes in regards to whether or not this sequence is actually from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Will the game perhaps open up with Miles still training under Peter? Or is Insomniac purely showing this off in this format to detail the time between the two games? Only time will tell, but I know that I’d personally find it cool if the game kicked off with a training sequence before later seeing Miles acquire his standard set of tights.

Either way, it won’t take long for us to find out as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will launch alongside the PS5 exactly one month from today on November 12. It will also be releasing on the same date for PS4, too.