PS5 UI is Rumored to be Revealed Soon by Sony

PS5 dev kits are said to soon be receiving a finalized version of the console's new UI, and Sony might reveal it to the public beforehand to prevent leaks.

It seems as though every few weeks, PlayStation decides to drop some new information of the PS5 essentially out of nowhere. This trend started last year when the initial details of the platform started coming about via Wired, and Sony has since continued to divulge new looks at the DualSense controller and the box art for PS5 games without any warning. Now, it looks like we could soon be seeing another new major component of the next-gen console being unveiled rather soon.

In a new rumor from @Tidux over on Twitter (and spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle), Sony is apparently looking to reveal the official user interface for the PS5 to the public within the near future. The rumor purports that PS5 dev kits are soon set to receive a new update, which Tidux refers to as “retail mode”, within the next few weeks. Rather than having this finalized UI then leak once it has been sent to dev kits, Sony may instead get ahead of things and show it off to the public itself.

Obviously, this rumor isn’t confirmed to be true by any means, so don’t take it as gospel just yet. That said, what is being conveyed here would make quite a bit of sense, especially since the launch of the PS5 is rapidly approaching later this year. It’s safe to assume that Sony is likely finalizing a lot of finer details like this on their end at the moment, and in order to keep fan excitement up until the release date of the console, it would be logical for PlayStation to highlight something like the UI in the near future.

What would you like to see in the new UI for the PS5? Would you like for it to be completely different from the PS4, or would you like it to be roughly the same? Let us know down in the comments.

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