PS5 Unboxing Videos Have Landed and It’s MASSIVE

PS5 Unboxing Videos Have Landed and It’s MASSIVE

PlayStation Large.

Today, the embargo for outlets and influencers sharing images of the PS5 appears to have lifted, and we’re finally seeing how the console looks in the real-world of entertainment centers.  And as it turns out, as often joked about, the PlayStation 5 console is B I G.

Last month, a select few Japanese media were able to get hands-on with the PS5, and last week, US outlets received the console but have only been able to share their images today, with some influencers getting their console today. While unboxing videos are doing the rounds, what’s impressive is the sheer size of the next-generation PlayStation.

The Gamer was one outlet to report on the size of the PS5 sharing a comical photo of the console only just fitting inside of an entertainment center. Now as we saw in the teardown video earlier this month, the console has two vents for cooling, but inside that unit? It’s sure to struggle to breathe easy.

Additionally, Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge has shared a size comparison of all of the next-generation consoles next to one another. So that’s the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5. The PlayStation is obviously the tallest of them all, but is slimmer which doesn’t really make a difference. The Series S is still the smallest console out of them all, but does suffer from some performance knocks as a result.

And in case you’re wondering how it stacks up against a The Game Awards award, Geoff Keighley also has the console and shared an image of it next to one as well as an Xbox Series X.

The size of the PS5 has been subject to many jokes since its reveal, and now with these official images from outlets and influencers, we can start awkwardly laughing at the lack of space in our existing entertainment centers. Joel Taveras, co-founder of DualShockers was actually sharing images with the staff of his unit in which he’s already knocked a shelf out in preparation. Here, have a look at it.

What are your thoughts on the size of the console now we’ve been able to see it next to the others? Is it too big for you? Does the size bother you? Have a civil conversation below or on socials.