PS5 UI Officially Revealed in Pre-Production Video Demonstration

Cards, Activities, and more are coming to the next-generation console.

By Ben Bayliss

October 15, 2020

Well, the day has finally come. PlayStation has finally come forward and showcased its UX, and well, it certainly looks sleek. The wait to see anything from the PS5 has been rather painful, but now we’re able to get a first look at the next-generation PlayStation console.

While there is an official blog post by Senior Vice President, Hideaki Nishino, there’s also a video that you can find below, presented to start by Hideaki Nishino himself. To start us off, it’s said the look and feel of the UX are catered for 4K TVs and have been built from the ground up.

Sid Shuman takes over, showing off the login screen, the control center. This screen offers players immediate access to everything we’ll no doubt need from the system when it comes to accessing settings and different areas. It also doesn’t require you to leave the game.

Cards are a new feature that lets players interact with games and the system in different ways, basically, they’re little categories that you can jump right in to and check out all information related to that area, such as captured media for example. Activities are a new feature that’s shown off as well which lets you know of gameplay opportunities, no doubt this will be a favorite for completionists.

The example given is with the upcoming Sackboy: A Big Adventure that has levels. Each level is classed as an Activity, and allows you to open up the information related to it, such as how long the system estimates it’ll take you to complete it, progression, and how many objectives are left. Players will also get to make use of Game Help, which is a feature for PS+ members for some PS5 games. Basically, you can get given hints on how to complete a specific objective.

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Sid Shuman shows off some other nifty features such as being able to easily jump into a voice chat with the press of the PlayStation button, or even seeing friend activity and screen sharing. What’s neat here is that players will be able to use Picture-in-Picture, a nifty feature that lets media be played while you play your game. In the example given, you’ll be able to watch a friend sharing their gameplay, while talking in a group chat, while you play whatever game you’re playing.

Destruction AllStars! is used as a way to show off the online multiplayer features, allowing you to jump into a friends party by quickly opening up the game thanks to the SSD. There’s also a little tease at photo mode in using the Capture Button on the DualSense controller, which can capture screenshots and video up to 4K.

The Home Screen is shown later in the video, and we can see that each game has its own little sort of HUB section showing captures, DLC, and more. There’s some additional bits of information towards the end teased, such as an Explore area and the ability to quickly share media online.

What are your thoughts on the PS5 UX? Is it everything you wanted? More? Lacking? Let us know. The PS5 console is due to launch on November 12, 2020.

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