PS5 Will Reportedly Have PS5 Exclusive Titles at Launch

Unlike the Xbox Series X, PS5 will launch with games exclusive to the PlayStation console (according to insider reports).

January 11, 2020

In a sigh of relief to many PlayStation fans out there, it seems like PS5 will indeed have exclusives to the console at launch. Following earlier news from Microsoft that early next-gen Xbox games would aim to be available on all Xbox consoles (PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X), Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier has previously mentioned insider reports of PS5 launch titles that will be exclusive to the next gen system.

The exact quote come by way of an older episode of Kotaku Splitscreen (December 4, 2019), in a discussion on some information heard about the next-gen consoles from insider sources. When discussing some of the launch lineup for PS5, Schreier mentions that he has heard that multiple launch games will be PS5 only:


I’ve heard some of the PS5 launch titles–I won’t say them yet because I’m probably going to do some sort of report on this stuff in the future–but those will be PS5 only.

This is fairly significant given the recent news about the Xbox Series X (and broader Microsoft family) strategy. In an earlier interview with Head of Microsoft Studios’ Matt Booty, he had noted that Microsoft will aim to have all games immediately following the launch of the Xbox Series X will be available on anything within the Xbox device family — meaning the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. In essence, this is a continuation of Xbox’s Play Anywhere strategy, hoping to speak to the broadest market share — not pigeonhole software to a small sect of audiences that pick up the latest hardware.

This statement from Booty is consistent with Schreier’s predictions within the same podcast. Following the statement on PS5 exclusives, Schreier mentions that he hasn’t heard much about what Xbox will be launching, but he imagines their strategy will be to have it play on as many devices as possible.

The conversation on exclusives continues to be an interesting development when comparing the two next gen consoles, as both Sony and Microsoft hedge their bets on exclusives and how much to shake up the market. We can see this difference of strategy elsewhere in the planning for the consoles as well–PS5 has relied on more traditional launch strategies like keeping a similar logo (to promote brand consistency). Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X and Microsoft as a whole is hoping to undermine PlayStation dominance through large-scale acquisitions and more revolutionary services like Games Pass.

With all that said, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Unless the marketing is playing down a more broad, cross-platform launch PS5 console exclusive Godfall by Gearbox doesn’t seem to be coming to PS4. However, we can still take this reporting with a grain of salt — with the reporting happening a month ago, there is more than enough time for PlayStation to switch strategies prior to the console’s launch.

In any case, much of PS5 and Xbox Series X news is still developing — we will let you know as more information about next gen systems become available. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available this Holiday 2020

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