PSJailbreak No Longer Available to Gamers

PSJailbreak No Longer Available to Gamers


You may have heard of the PSJailBreak from Aussie mod-chip retailer OzModChips which made waves as it is the first PS3 chip available that might actually work. Well, it seems that a court case in Australia’s Federal Court has ended that madness for the time being. You won’t be able to pick up one of these devices until August 31st when it will be decided if the ban will continue. As stated on the OzModChips PSJailBreak page this will prevent the legal distribution of the device worldwide, not just in Australia.

The company gets by selling mod-chips to popular systems the way other companies have in the past, by hiding behind the innocent use of home-brew development, repair, and other fair use applications, but the reason Sony is going after them is to prevent widespread piracy that always results from mod-chips like this being released.

If you are one of the folks who are looking forward to picking up the $169.99 mod-chip you will have to hold your breath for now and hope it is unbanned come this Tuesday. In the mean time OzModChips is being ordered to send all PSJailBreaks directly to Sony for analysis, leading many to believe that they will no longer be useful at the time a ban is lifted (should that time come).

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