PSN Down Today for “Maintenance”

on November 17, 2011 10:00 AM

From 8 a.m today until 10 p.m., the Playstation Network will be down for maintenance. That’s cool and all, but considering the sheer mass of games with online multiplayer that have been recently released, I can’t see any of us handling this well. That’s fourteen hours of downtime. Fourteen. I for one am super pissed I can’t teabag Templars this evening with my friends in California on Assassin’s Creed. So bummed.

Sony claims that “some users may be able to play online during maintenance,” but I wouldn’t get your hopes up, kids. Players can still collect Trophies, but the information will not be updated on profiles until the network is back up and fully running. Account maintenance, registration, and access to the Playstation Store is also off the table for now.


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