PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011

PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011


With the recent success of the PSN (PlayStation Network), it was only a matter of time. SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) announced the first ever PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards. If you couldn’t guess, these awards will honor the best games on the PSN and across four different categories from 2010. However, there is a unique twist on the voting procedure. Voters will have to download a free XMB theme that corresponds with the game you want voted. This voting process will start February 22nd and end March 1st.

Not only do we, the fans, get to vote for this proceeding, but SCEA has also announced a featured promotion at which the winning games receive a discount at the PlayStation Store. The PSN community will have a 30% discount on the awarded games while Playstation Plus subscribers will have a 50%  discount. Expect the discounts to take place during the PlayStation Store Spring Fever event which usually happens from early to mid-spring.

Below are the categories and nominees that are competing for “top honors”. Also, by all means share your opinion on what you feel should win in the comments section below.

Best PS3 Downloadable Game: Castle Crashers, Costume Quest™, Death Spank, PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World™: The Game

Best PSP Downloadable Game: God of War®: Ghost of Sparta, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Phantasy Star™Portable 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, Valkyria Chronicles II

Best PS3/PSP MINI: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, Age of Zombies™, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, Vector TD, Young Thor

Best PlayStation Network Exclusive Game: Dead Nation, Hustle Kings, Joe Danger, Sam & Max Ep. 1, Soldner-X2