PSN is Still On Track to Return This Week Right? Right

PSN is Still On Track to Return This Week Right? Right


So here it is Thursday evening and PSN is still down, even though we were told late last week that it would be on by this week. There are only three days left in the week (if you count Sunday and a lot of people don’t), which begs the question, will we still get our online services back or will the outage move closer to three weeks? According to a post made by MusterBuster, community team leader on the EU PlayStation Blog, everything is still on track for this week:

I’m asking lots of questions but at the moment all I’m being told is that the “last update still stands” eg – Some PlayStation Network services will be restored this week.

If PSN really does come back online in the next few days, I’ll be willing to overlook everything that’s happened. If not though, I’m definitely renewing my Xbox Live subscription. I’m not just saying that, I’m serious. Besides, if you actually want to see if I’ll do it, then that means you want PSN off until next week, and that makes you a terrible person.

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