PSN Remains Down, Sony’s Progress Reports Help Dull the Pain (Not Really)

on April 24, 2011 12:00 PM

PSN Remains Down, Sony's Progress Reports Help Dull the Pain (Not Really)

PlayStation owners have certainly been losing patience with the recent PSN outage that’s disabled millions of PS3s, and while the daily updates from Sony on their PlayStation blog have been welcomed, they certainly don’t help the building frustration.

The latest entry says that they’ve been “working around the clock” to get the servers back up, and plan on “re-building [their] system to further strengthen [their] network infrastructure.” I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like serious business, and like it may take a considerable amount of time.

I hope whatever happens, the PlayStation Plus subscribers don’t get boned by having to pay for gimped service this month. Additionally, while we don’t know for sure who’s to blame for this, if it was indeed an outside group like Anonymous, burn in hell and realize you’re not doing the consumer any favors by limiting their enjoyment of the product. You’re actually making Sony look like saints in our eyes, so thanks for the sick attacks in the name of us, bros.

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