PSP Firmware 6.00 Is Now Live!

PSP Firmware 6.00 Is Now Live!

Jesus. We’re already up to firmware 6.00 on the PSP? Time flies and I am getting old as shit. *stares blankly at the monitor* Um, ok! Where was I… oh yea, PSP Firmware 6.00 – it is now live, ladies and gents.  All you have to do on your end, now, is scroll over to the “Settings” menu on your XMB, and select “Network Update.” After that, it’s all flying colors. Literally.  Those of you eager to know what’s changed and what hasn’t, here’s a changelog of the new firmware update:

  • Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on their expire date under [Game].
  • Under [Settings], [Network Update] has been changed to [System Update]. Under [System Update], you can now choose how to update the system software.
  • The number of colors that can be selected under [Settings] > [Theme Settings] has been increased.
  • Revisions to strengthen security has been added. (Internet Browser)

I know, I know. The announcement of XMB colors is great and all but, overall, the firmware hasn’t really inspired any form of excitement.  The mention of “expire dates” for games is a bit… shocking, wouldn’t you say?  PSP currently supports time-based licenses for video rentals. Applying the same rules to games has never been done before, though (could it be a PSP Go! thing?). Earlier in the year, plans for a potential games rental service for PSP were discovered in a survey that was given. Looks like firmware 6.00 is readying up for looks to be a new expansion to the PlayStation Store – Rentals.  Digital downloads looks promising in the coming future.


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