PSP Firmware Update v6.10 Out

With the coming of a new month, comes the release of the long-awaited and overly expensive PSPgo. Everyone and their mothers will probably get one just to be the first to have it; but me? I’ll wait a bit. But other than the exciting launch of the PSPgo today, an update for the PSPs (which include all the SKUs) will be available soon. If you already have your hands on the Go, you should probably make sure to download the update to ensure full compatibility with all PSP titles and, of course, the newly introduced MediaGo.

With the release of firmware 6.10, key features will be introduced to Sony’s portable handheld. Because we’re so nice to you guys, and because we love you all like a fat kid loves… all foods, we’re going to break some of these features down for you.


SensMe channels is a new music app for the PSP which uses Sony’s proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology to evaluate music tracks that have been imported from the Media Go application on your PC to your nifty PSP. The app automatically categorizes the tracks into 12 channels such us “Relax” or “Newly Added.” We have provided you all with a video which shows you a demo of how the thing works below.

Media Go Enhancements

Aside from having the new SensMe to accompany you and your PSP now, the PlayStation Store (for the PSP and PSPgo via Media Go v1.2) will be updated with a new look today. Yes, folks. Another overhaul of the overall look of the PlayStation Store. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Media Go, the application is a free PC software program that allows you to easily organize and transfer media (photos, music and videos) between your PC and PSP. It also allows you to access the PlayStation Store and purchase, backup, and restore your PSP games. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to access the store directly from the PSP and PSPgo, though. You’ll still be able to do what you normally do on the PSP. Think of Media Go as a preference option for those of you who are more comfortable using a PC. With this update, you will also have the option of exporting playlists onto the PSP.

Tethering (PSPgo only)

*Plays the violin for PSP 3000 owners* Sorry folks, I know how you’re feeling right now reading the last feature. This feature will give PSPgo owners the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device, such as mobile phones, as a wireless signal to connect your PSP system to the internet. What this means for you lucky bastards is that when you’re not around your home, or anywhere else you “borrow” wifi from, you will have another way to access the internet via a bluetooth mobile device – e.g. tethering.

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