PSP Minis Is Here, Folks… With Ridiculous Pricing

PSP Minis Is Here, Folks… With Ridiculous Pricing

The mention and the release of the PSPgo has generated a bombardment of features to be released with it by the brood over at Sony. First, we have Media Go for the PC enthusiast, which allows you to do things like transfer media between your PSP and your… uh… PC; the introduction to SensMe, which automatically categorizes your songs into 12 distinct channels was also mentioned, as well as the greatness of the tethering feature that lets folks connect to the internet via a Bluetooth device such as mobile phones. Next on the line, we have PSP Minis – a dwarf downloadable game service for the PSP, which has already launched in both the US and the UK, side-by-side with the accession of the PSPgo. At the moment, seven games are currently available on the US PlayStation Store for you to spend your money on, if you like throwing it away that is. If you live in the UK, you’ll be blessed with a whopping thirteen games – six games more than the US.

Now, what’s funny is that with the release of PSP Minis, you’d expect bite-sized games to have bite-sized price on them, right? Think again. Apparently, the folks over at Sony thought it was a “wise” choice to charge ludicrous prices on games that are as big as .JPG files. The cheapest Mini game costs roughly $4.99, with prices of the more expensive ones ranging up to $9.99 – which, apparently, comes out being much more expensive that, let’s say, an iPhone App/Game. So, not only is Sony charging you a whopping $249.99 for the handheld (which, by the way, is $50.00 cheaper than a PS3), they’re also charging you an arm, a leg, and buttcheek for games which aren’t even justified.

But, what are we to expect from Sony? The majority of things with these guys are priced as if they are the Lamborghini’s of the gaming industry. I, personally, am telling Sony and their PSPgo, and the Minis, to go screw themselves until they, sincerely, provide something much more adequate in price. I can guarantee you that this will, without a doubt, cause a lot of gamers in the industry to, in some form or another, boycott the idea. It’s Sony, folks. This is what they do. I just hope you’re all packing a nice-sized bottle of lube.

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  1. I’d like to upgrade from a PSP-1000 to a PSP-3000, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy a PSP Go at that ridiculous price just to pay ridiculous prices on their DLC AND have to buy new accessories. Not to mention all my UMD games will be worthless because Sony failed to come up with any other plan besides “just re-buy the game in digital form!”

    In fact, the whole situation is kind of ridiculous.