PSP2 to Possibly Feature Touch Controls

December 23, 2010

Sony Computer Entertainment’s gaming chief Kazuo Hirai recently spoke with the New York Times and dropped some hints about the PSP 2 including some comments that seem to confirm that the system will feature touch controls; though as an addition and not the focus.

“Depending on the game, there are ones where you can play perfectly well with a touch panel. But you can definitely play immersive games better with physical buttons and pads. I think there could be games where you’re able to use both in combination.”

I completely agree with him. I enjoy playing games on my iPod Touch, but physical controls would make a great deal of them much better. Combine that with the rumors that the PSP2 will feature two analog sticks instead of one, and I think Sony might be onto something here.

John Colaw

John is what you might call something of a badass. When he's not writing about games or playing them, he's playing in the Kansas City band "Documentary" and drinking as many different beers as often as he can. He's a huge comic nerd in the best sense of the term, with a particular love for the Creator Owned movement.

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