PSVR Wireless Headset Patent Appears Online

A wireless patent of the PlayStation VR has recently surfaced online and it looks to cut many of the cords needed for the original version.

Last year, PlayStation VR had easily the best year of its existence. Firewall Zero Hour was one of my favorite games of last year, Moss was on that list as well. The list of fantastic titles has grown year after year, but what has stayed mostly the same has been the number of wires needed to use the PSVR unit. However, that number might be diminished to zero after a patent for a wireless PSVR unit has been discovered.

As you can see in the picture below, Sony has patented a new unit that appears to be completely wireless. Of course, a device will still need to be plugged into the PlayStation itself, however, that device will then wirelessly send a signal to the headset, which frees up a lot of area for movement.

A wireless PlayStation VR unit could take the system to a whole other level. One aspect that I believe drags the system down is the boatload of wires needed to use it. The cables needed to plug into the power box are a micro USB cable, the PS camera, the HDMI from the TV, and the HDMI going to the PS4. That isn’t even including the two other HDMI cables that are combined into one thick cored that is plugged into the front that leads to the actual headset. Getting rid of most of these wires, especially the ones leading to the headset, could lead to a more consumer-friendly device.

It must be stated, this is only a patent. Plenty of patents never come to fruition and are more or less just people exploring different ideas. Remember that butt ugly patent Nintendo had for the unannounced Nintendo Switch? I remember, even though sometimes I wish I don’t. Thankfully, just like many other patents, that one never was actually made.

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