Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness Trophy List Balances Silver and Bronze

Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness Trophy List Balances Silver and Bronze

We now know all the trophies for Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita thanks to PSN Profiles.

There are thirty-six trophies total for the game, broken up between a platinum, four gold, fifteen silver, and sixteen bronze.

The gold trophies require you to find or unlock all of the collectibles, silver require you to attain all endings, and bronze require you to reach all the various routes in the game. You can read each trophy in the list below:


  • Trophy Complete: You have obtained all trophies


  • VOICE Complete: You have unlocked all VOICE content
  • TIPS Complete: You have unlocked all TIPS
  • SCENE Complete: You have unlocked all SCENE content
  • PICTURE Complete: You have unlocked all PICTURE content


  • When the Time Comes: You have reached the “When the Time Comes” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Thus, Fate has Proclaimed the End: You have reached the “Thus, Fate has Proclaimed the End” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Symbol of Faith: You have reached the “Symbol of Faith” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Return of the Masked Princess: You have reached the “Return of The Masked Princess” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Magical Song: You have reached the “Magical Song” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Happy Family: You have reached the “Happy Family” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Guardian of Life: You have reached the “Guardian of Life” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Goddess of Guidance: You have reached the “Goddess of Guidance” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Floating Ark: You have reached the “Floating Ark” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Eternal Cradle: You have reached the “Eternal Cradle” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Childhood’s End: You have reached the “Childhood’s End” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Answer Revealed: You have reached the “Answer Revealed” ending (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Achieved 100,000 Points: You have collected 100,000 points from the mini-game
  • A Night to Kill: You have reached the “A Night to Kill” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • “Those Capable”: You have reached the “Those Capable” ending (Takuma Tsurugi)


  • Violet Flower: You have reached the “Violet Flower” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Toy-Box Brothers: You have reached the “Toy-Box Brothers” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • The One Who Seeks Chaos: You have reached the “The One Who Seeks Chaos” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • The Burdened: You have reached the “The Burdened” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Surprise Weekend: You have reached the “Surprise Weekend” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Summoning of Mephistopheles: You have reached the “Summoning of Mephistopheles” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Resting Leadership: You have reached the “Resting Leadership” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Man of Stone: You have reached the “Man of Stone” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Light and Shadow: You have reached the “Light and Shadow” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Lady Talk: You have reached the “Lady Talk” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Grapplers: You have reached the “Grapplers” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Every Color: You have reached the “Every Color” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Duel on Table: You have reached the “Duel on Table” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • Demon’s Whisper: You have reached the “Demon’s Whisper” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)
  • Bedtime Stories: You have reached the “Bedtime Stories” route (Takuma Tsurugi)
  • An Angel’s Smile: You have reached the “An Angel’s Smile” route (Nadeshiko Kugatachi)