Psychological Thriller ‘Tokyo Dark’ Launches on Steam With New Trailer and Screenshots

Psychological Thriller ‘Tokyo Dark’ Launches on Steam With New Trailer and Screenshots

Square Enix collective launched a new trailer for the Cherrymochi developed psychological thriller, Tokyo Dark, available now on PC-via Steam.

Tokyo Dark is set on the streets of Japan’s capital, the player assumes the role of Detective Ayami Itō as she investigates the disappearance of her partner. Concerned for his whereabouts, she follows clues and interrogates citizens to figure out how he went missing and where he is.

Faced with choices throughout the game, the player must guide Itō down the path they see fit. However, every choice has a possible consequence and some actions should be approached with thought instead of brute force. With that said, it’s completely up to the player as to how Itō approaches situations.

“We wanted players to experience conflict when taking on Itō’s story,”reveals Maho Williams, Producer at Cherrymochi. “As play progresses, Itō finds herself calling into question whether she’s minutes away from solving the puzzles, or minutes away from madness. The key question is, have they unearthed the dark shadows hidden beneath Tokyo’s streets, or is it all in their head?”

Tokyo Dark is influenced by games such as The Cat Lady and Never Ending Nightmares. The game features anime style visuals and the options for Japanese text.

“We think Tokyo Dark has the potential to energise the horror genre, with Cherrymochi’s take on point-and-click a whole lot darker than the kind of titles you see from most developers,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix. “That’s ultimately what Square Enix Collective is about: giving gamers fresh takes on genres they love.”

You can watch the launch trailer below along with some new screenshots: