Psychonauts 2 is Now Planned to Release in 2020

Now apart of Xbox Game Studios, Double Fine is allowing Psychonauts 2 to bake for just a little bit longer.

June 10, 2019

Double Fine announced yesterday that it would be the newest studio joining the family over at Xbox Game Studios. After the announcement of the acquisition, a new trailer for the developer’s current project, Psychonauts 2, was then released. While the trailer provided a lengthy look at the gameplay of Psychonauts 2 for the first time, a release date for the title was still noticeably absent. Well, now we seem to know why.

Via a new press release sent out today, it was confirmed that Psychonauts 2 is now planned to launch next year in 2020. When last we heard, the game was still expected to come out in 2019, but since Double Fine now has Microsoft backing them, it seems they opted to spend a bit more time on the project.

While this is a bit saddening to hear, it isn’t all that surprising. If Psychonauts 2 was supposed to still come out this year, I really expected we would’ve seen an official date for the game yesterday. When the aforementioned gameplay trailer ended and we still didn’t have a specific date, I felt like it could’ve been pushed again, and I was right.

Even though Microsoft now has brought Double Fine under its wing, Psychonauts 2 will still be widely released on all previously promised platforms. When the game finally does come out, you can pick it up on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, or Linux.

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