Psygnosis Logo And Trademark has been renewed by Sony

January 17, 2022

Could Sony’s Psygnosis be revived after a recent renewal of logo and trademark?

Psygnosis, creator of titles that include Colony Wars, WipeOut and Lemmings has recently been reinstated by Sony as they renew the trademark.

Companies will do this for a number of reasons. Usually, the major one is to prevent others from using a certain name or in this case the legendary owl logo.

Sony Renews Psygnosis Logo And Trademark

Recently spotted by business analyst Robert Serrano, Psygnosis’ trademark and logo have been revived by Sony. This renewal happened on December 1 within the US.


This raises plenty of questions, is something in the works? Could more titles be in development under the Psygnosis name?

It’s nothing too out of the ordinary for a powerhouse like Sony to want to keep ownership over their multiple endeavours but it’s definitely got the gaming world on their toes and wondering what’s next.

So far, this seems to be purely an attempt to protect an IP as Sony has filed a renewal application every year.

The company was originally registered on July 10 in 2001 in North America, 10 years on in July 2011 they renewed the trademark and once again, another 10 years later Sony has done the same again in 2021.

Who Is Psygnosis?

Plenty are likely wondering what or who Psygnosis actually is, especially those on the younger spectrum.

They were a video game developer, originally based in Liverpool and founded in 1984 by Ian Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis and David Lawson.

By 1993 Sony had caught wind of the companies success on titles like Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, seeing potential in its future.

Over the coming years, the studio proved its ability, creating hit titles like Lemmings, Wipeout, Colony Wars and Formula One.

After many years of success, the company eventually closed after rumours surface around August 22 2012. Since then we haven’t seen anything from the studio, although we hope to in the future!

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