Psyonix Confirms Rocket League is “Absolutely, 100 Percent Going to Other Platforms”

Psyonix Confirms Rocket League is “Absolutely, 100 Percent Going to Other Platforms”

Debuting last month on PS4 and PC and being available free in July for PlayStation Plus members, Psyonix’s Rocket League quickly became one of the surprise hits of the summer with its fast-paced, rocket-powered soccer action, and now the developer has confirmed to expect the game to move to other platforms in the future.

Speaking with GameZone, Psyonix VP of marketing Jeremy Dunham confirmed that the developer certainly intends on bringing the game to other platforms, after reaching over five million downloads last month on PS4/PC combined, and reached a mega-high of 183,000 concurrent players at its peak.

Dunham explained in a statement:

“Now that the game is doing as well as it’s doing and people really want to see [it on different systems], we’ve focused on [porting the game]. We’re now in a position that we can expand our team. We are absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms.”

Given Rocket League‘s breakout success, Dunham explained surprisingly that it was necessary to keep Rocket League restricted to PS4 and PC due to the studio’s small development team, and to ensure the game was polished and ready. Dunham detailed:

“The number one reason we’re only on PlayStation and PC is because the team is small. For the majority of the development, there were only 8 to 12 people working on Rocket League, and we’ve only very recently–in the last few weeks–added a couple of people to that count.”

“We wanted to make sure that it was very good, very polished, that everybody liked it, and the only way we could ensure that was to focus on two platforms.”

At this time, Dunham didn’t elaborate further on what other systems we can expect to see Rocket League head over to, though he did hint that “nothing is off the table” for porting the game to other platforms:

“If the game can work on the platform and we can responsibly get that game working on a platform, we will never say never to any of the platforms that are current-gen. Anything is possible.”

Rocket League is currently available for PS4 and PC – stay tuned for more information and details on other platforms that Rocket League could be rocketing to in the future.