Psyonix is Tweaking Rocket League’s Competitive Play for Upcoming Season 4

Psyonix is Tweaking Rocket League’s Competitive Play for Upcoming Season 4

More changes are coming to Psyonix’s Rocket League other than the new Dropshot mode coming next week. In a recent batch of Steam announcements, Psyonix listed major tweaks coming for Rocket League Competitive Season 4 that include new skill tiers, a shake-up of divisions, and a softer skill reset — among other things.

First and foremost, Psyonix is switching up competitive play by adding a new block of skill tiers. For those with a basic understanding of competitive play in Rocket League, there were 16 tiers ranging from Unranked to Grand Champion. With the new update, players will be able to go up 20 tiers in the redesigned list, seen below:


To help balance this out, Psyonix lowered the Divisions per tier from five to four. In other words, players will only need to win four games in each skill tier before moving on.

Along with the changes to the skill tiers, Psyonix has completely updated the skill resets in the upcoming Season 4. Most online games — Rocket League included — utilized resets at the end of seasons to keep the scene competitive. However, Psyonix (and much of the community) noted that there was a multiplayer frenzy that happened with lower-skilled players were being match with higher skilled. This time around, your ranking in Season 3 of Rocket League will inform where you pick up in Season 4 — not at the same rank, but closer to it.

One of the most controversial tweaks to the upcoming season is the removal of stage Neo Tokyo. The stage, which is decisively more alternative than typical Rocket League stages, became a sticking point for many community members playing in the competitive scene. Psyonix felt the experimental arena simply didn’t hold up as well in competitive play.

Last but not least, Psyonix did take a few moments to look to the future of Rocket League in a competitive and general sense. Competitively, they noted that they hoped to make Season 4 shorter — specifically around four months. With that said, they couldn’t make an official promise for when Season 4 would come to a close. Along with this, they are aiming for quicker, more reliable matchmaking — a feature always appreciated in any online game.

Season 4 of Rocket League will be coming sometime in early April, but there is no exact date yet for players. However, if you are looking to get hyped about new stuff in Rocket League, make sure to check out Dropshot mode coming March 22.