PT is Officially Not Playable on PS5

PT, the iconic horror demo from Hideo Kojima, won't be able to be played on PS5, forever stranding it on PS4 consoles that it's currently installed upon.

By Logan Moore

November 6, 2020

If you have been pondering what to do with your PS4 once you acquire a PS5, new details that have come about in relation to one beloved horror title might help sway your decision.

Coming by way of Polygon, Konami’s legendary horror demo, PT, has now been confirmed to not be playable on PS5 via the system’s PS4 backward compatibility functionality. The report from Polygon states that in the outlet’s initial review phase for the PS5, PT was actually playable at first on the system. However, come the November 12 launch date, PT is going to not only be locked out from being playable on the next-gen console, but current users who still have the game stashed away on their PS4 won’t even be able to transfer it over.

As for who is to blame for PT being unable to be played on PS5, unsurprisingly, Konami seems to be the culprit. Sony has said the move to make PT unplayable on PS5 was a “publisher decision” which seems to indicate that Konami made this choice. Considering that Konami has essentially refused to acknowledge PT’s existence over the years, and previously deleted it off of the PS4’s storefront altogether, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

All of this to say that if you do still have PT stashed away on your PS4 as I do, you might want to keep it around. While selling off old hardware once new consoles come about may have been commonplace in the past for many, if you ever plan on playing through PT again in your life, you might be best served to just store your PS4 away in your attic. When the day comes that your itching for a spooky gaming experience, I’m sure you won’t regret still having PT as your disposal.

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