PUBG Dips Below 1 Million Concurrent Players for First Time in a Year

Shortly after breaking a record for 1 million daily PC players over a year, PUBG fell short of the number on the day of the Blackout beta's release.

The eternally-popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently set a record-breaking streak of concurrent players on the PC, but this streak quickly came to an end. Charts from SteamDB show that while PUBG had at least 1 million daily players for at least a year, the number dipped below the 1 million mark yesterday.

Coincidentally (or not, more likely), yesterday was the PS4 launch of the beta for BlackoutCall of Duty: Black Ops 4’s own battle royale. On that day, the player count for PUBG only reached 960,000 players. PUBG is a game that at its highest point reached up to 3 million concurrent players, but as the game faces significant competition from titles like Fortnite, the number has thinned out.

On the Blackout side of things, Treyarch confirmed a list of changes they intend to implement after the first day of the beta. Meanwhile, PUBG is still adding weapons and features, including a training mode in the game’s most recent patch.

PUBG is available to play on PC and Xbox One, with a popular mobile version free-to-play. The closed Blackout beta is available to PS4 owners who pre-ordered Black Ops 4, with the closed beta coming to PC and Xbox One on September 14.

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