PUBG Halloween Content Teased with Killer Clown and Nurse Costumes

PUBG Halloween Content Teased with Killer Clown and Nurse Costumes

A PUBG Halloween event is most likely coming very soon as teased by a trailer on PUBG's Twitter accound and YouTube showing off some spooky costumes.

Some PUBG Halloween content was teased today with a very short video posted on YouTube. In it a woman wearing a nurse outfit similar to Silent Hill stands silent and overhead a clown inspired by Pennywise watches as a player attempts to escape a butcher and someone in a pumpkin mask, only for the door to close on them.

With Halloween around the corner its about time PUBG got in the game as many other games have already started their themed events to coincide with the spooky holiday. No date is given however as to when PUBG Halloween content will come on PC. Players can expect the cosmetic items to feature a wide variety of scary themes and iconic spooks.

Tencent has already updated PUBG Mobile with Halloween content. Spawn island now has pumpkins and candies that can be picked up. Enemies killed with the Hellfire AKM become scarecrows, and spooky faces appear when setting off grenades. Players also have a 50% chance to set off Night Mode on Erangel while playing during this period.

Last year there were no PUBG Halloween-themed content though the influence of event-filled games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale appear to be pushing PUBG to try new things. A ranking system was recently implemented in PUBG, which also finally had less than a million concurrent players for the first time in September. Despite the absence of a PUBG Halloween event last year, it didn’t stop some players from dressing up as the now iconic Player Unknown from the game’s cover, as evidenced by the many reddit posts showing off their costumes.

Many other games are getting into the all hallow’s eve mood from Hearthstone to Overwatch to Darwin Project and Destiny 2, all have new spooky content for players to enjoy up to and sometime past October 31.