Miramar Finally Lands on the Xbox One Version of PUBG

Miramar Finally Lands on the Xbox One Version of PUBG

Now Xbox One owners can enjoy PUBG's Miramar map, as it has been introduced to their version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

A chicken dinner celebration is in order. Miramar, often referred to as “the desert map,” has finally landed on the Xbox One port of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Miramar was released on the PC version of the game last December to mixed reviews. While some players enjoyed getting out of Erangel for a change, others criticized the slow pace that Miramar’s sprawling, desert landscape encouraged. In addition to the slower pace, fans of the battle royale also took issue with the maps lack of cover and unbalanced loot spawns.

Common complaints reasoned that the map’s layout forced players into dropping at a small concentration of hot spots or somewhere in the middle of the unforgiving desert where they would be susceptible to sniper fire. The PUBG Corp responded to these criticisms in a January patch by adding more buildings and tinkering with the loot spawn levels. As it stands, all of these months later, Miramar is still polarizing for the PUBG community– some have grown to love it and others couldn’t be bothered to leave Erangel.

In addition to the arrival of Miramar, today’s update also included optimizations and bug fixes for the game. A full list of these fixes can be seen on PUBG‘s dedicated forums.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available immediately for PC and Xbox One. If the arrival of Miramar makes you hungry for some chicken dinners, you can purchase PUBG via Amazon.

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