PUBG Mobile 'Karakin' Map Release Date Officially Confirmed

PUBG Mobile released update 1.3 to kickstart Season 18 on March 9. The new update features the incredible Hundred Rhythms game mode, Clown Tricks gameplay, Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, and much more content. Moreover, the Season 18 ‘Hundred Rythms’ Royale Pass is finally available from March 17.

However, players were also expecting the arrival of the Karakin map in PUBG Mobile update 1.3. That’s because the developers teased the fan-favourite desert map in the 1.3 beta update. Sadly, it’s been a few days since Season 18 came out, but the mini desert map still isn’t available in the game. So, players are left wondering if the devs have delayed Karakin, instead, leaving it for future updates.

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PUBG Karakin map

When Is PUBG Mobile ‘Karakin Map’ Releasing?

UPDATE: Recently, PUBG Mobile officially confirmed that the ‘Karakin’ map would release on April 7. What’s more, is that the new desert map will replace Vikendi on the day of its release.

Rolex, a popular PUBG Mobile streamer, recently expressed his disappointment on the Karakin map’s absence in PUBG Mobile Season 18. Surprisingly, the game’s official Twitter account replied to Rolex’s tweet by saying, “Easy now, it’s only been a few days.” So, it’s quite clear that the Karakin map will be a part of Season 18.

Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile still didn’t reveal an exact release date for the upcoming map. Nevertheless, each season in the game only lasts for about two months, and it’s only the first month of Season 18. Based on this, it’s safe to assume that the developers will release the Karakin map next month.

More about the ‘Karakin’ Map

Karakin first arrived on the PC and Console version of PUBG in February 2020. With a two-by-two-kilometer dimension, Karakin is incredibly small compared to other PUBG maps, and PUBG Mobile players have been asking for the map for over a year now. Now, the small desert map is finally set to arrive in the mobile version of PUBG. Similar to the Livik map, Karakin will feature fast-paced matches with a maximum of 64 players in each lobby.

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