PUBG Pan-demonium Trailer Focuses on Bullet-Proof Pan for PlayStation 4 Launch

PUBG Pan-demonium Trailer Focuses on Bullet-Proof Pan for PlayStation 4 Launch

PUBG comes to PlayStation 4 tomorrow and a live-action trailer shows off the power of the pan and what I believe is a Fear and Loathing-inspired character.

The launch trailer for PUBG (PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds) on PlayStaiton 4 showcases its most iconic weapon, the bullet-proof frying pan.

Dropping from an unseen aircraft, our hero makes his way into a weapon-filled RV only to choose the frying pan and proceeding to kill multiple people with it, including by ricochet. Throughout the trailer a Fear and Loathing style character sits atop a host of RVs jamming out to Do You Love Me by The Contours that plays throughout the trailer. Our hero is eventually joined by a woman and dons the similarly-iconic level 3 helmet to face off against the final batch of foes.

PUBG is making its way to PlayStation 4 following rumors of its release after a year on Xbox One and 21 months after its initial release on Steam Early Access. Whether or not PUBG on PlayStation 4 will run into the same technical issues that bogged the Xbox One version for months, even on the Xbox One X, remains to be seen since the game releases tomorrow and no early gameplay has been shown. We do know the game will be launching with some exclusive PlayStation-themed skins such as Nathan Drake’s costume from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us.

PUBG launches tomorrow on PlayStation 4 with three versions: the Looter’s Edition for $29.99 USD, a Survivor’s Edition for $49.99, and a Champion’s Edition for $59.99, with the latter two editions containing the Survivor Pass (an in-game progression system that rewards additional in-game items) and some extra G-Coin and BP for in-game purchases. You can enjoy the launch trailer for PUBG on PlayStation 4 below, but please remember that frying pans, even cast iron ones, do not actually block bullets in real life.

What happens when you drop into a desert surrounded by enemies? You Loot, Fight, and Swing a pan to the top in PUBG for PS4!